Provider Benefits

Legacy Caring Providers are the leaders and influencers in their field and have the opportunity to build the LegacyCaring Network

Benefits/Differentiators – Relationship/Business Building Opportunities:

  • Being screened through a national criminal background check & belonging to the only multi-disciplinary network where every provider goes through this process.
  • Receiving extensive screening & providing accurate, timely information makes you a trusted advisor; people will choose YOU vs other colleagues in your field for services & resources.
  • Establishing trusted referral partnerships & cross-referrals with colleagues you can count on to take good care of your customers & be able to tell them every person you refer has been through extensive screening & will put THEIR best interests’ first.
  • Attending monthly networking events to create an exceptional Referral Network – an extended Sales Team. Our providers agree to integrate the “Law of Contribution”.
  • Being a leader in your profession for colleagues & consumers gives you the opportunity to educate current & future Referral Partners AND Customers about your services; what makes YOU special; how YOUR business enhances their business and their lives.
  • Making the world a better place by leaving a LEGACY you, & future generations, will be proud of!

All Providers Are On Equal Ground...

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Court Records
  • Current Professional and Business Licenses
  • Required Bonds, Insurances and Certifications
  • Industry Senior Designation (if applicable)

As a LegacyCaring Provider, I promise to:

  • Always put clients’ interests first.
  • Treat clients and colleagues respectfully, fairly and be a positive role model.
  • Provide quality services and products.
  • Offer quality, consistent work and guidance that benefit my clients and creates client loyalty.
  • Excel in communication, professionalism and responsiveness.
  • Follow LegacyCaring Guidelines for continual quality improvement.
  • Practice The Gift – “Law of Contribution”
  • Will receive approval from other LegacyCaring providers before adding them to mass email list.